Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When to Stop Your Dog's Diet

There are times when you must stop your dog's diet immediately. Although this situation rarely occurs, it is important to know when and how to stop your dog food.

Typically, pet owners are advised to make changes to the dog food gradually. Consistency common rule of thumb when it comes to your dog food. Sudden change in your dog foods often cause your pet stress and trouble, but at the time, stop your dog's diet immediately is necessary.

If your pet will have a medical procedure performed that involves the use of anesthesia, your veterinarian may recommend that you stop eating your pet for a period of time before the procedure. As always, follow the advice of your trusted veterinarian. He or she knows the dangers to your pet regarding surgery with a full stomach.

If you expect sudden changes and stress in the life of your dog, such as moving to a new location, your pet may refuse to eat traditional foods. During the first day with a guide dog in training, trainers recommend to spend the meal to avoid stomach during this extreme time of stress for dogs. If you have concerns about your dog to stop dieting because of stress and illness, consult your veterinarian for advice.

In the light of new pet food recall, you should be ready if you need to stop your dog's diet suddenly for safety reasons. In some cases, your dog may have been showing signs of anger or no interest in the contaminated food, but if not, do not take risks with your pet's health in the event of a recall. If the type of dog food have been recalled, stop feeding it as part of your dog food soon. If possible, find a new bag or can of the same variety of dog food that is safe for your pet. This will reduce any disruption to your dog food and routine.

If you feel uncomfortable or unable to find safe dog food in the same variety, you might want to cook food for your pet to change as your regular dog food until you can. At this time, you just might just have to switch varieties or brands of dog food.

As mentioned earlier, a sudden switch in your dog food is not usually recommended, but for the sake of your dog's health, it may be necessary. Must therefore, try to find other types of dog food that your dog is similar to the quality of food. This will help to reduce any digestive problems.

The best vet will be able to advise you, but expect some digestive problems such as gas or diarrhea during a sudden diet change. Of course, you'll want to monitor this situation, but not always a sign of poor quality food. Your dog's digestive system is not used for significant changes, so will take a period of time to adjust to the new diet.

Suddenly switching or stopping of your dog food is not usually recommended as a way to go, but in some cases, this is the best. Always talk to your vet about your dog's diet changes and follow the advice. Your dog's safety is very alarming.


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