Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Proper Way to Switch Your Dog's Diet

As long as your dog's life, there may be some situations when you need to switch your dog food. If it is important to know the proper method to change your dog's diet to ease your pet through the transition.

There are many reasons that may cause you to feel the need to switch your dog food. A puppy, for example, must change from milk during nursing to dog food. Your adult dog may need to transition to a dog food diet specifically designed for senior dogs. Health reasons may be more reason for a switch.

After consultation with your veterinarian about your dog's diet changes, you'll want to consider all your options. After making a final decision, you'll want to make changes gradually and from time to time. Do not stop eating one kind of food on Sunday night and began a regimen of an entirely new on Monday morning. Such drastic change will undoubtedly create a serious outcome.

Switching your dog's food too quickly can cause your dog experiencing abdominal pain. Diarrhea may result.

The proper way to switch your dog food takes several days. For two weeks, gradually reduce the amount of native food and slowly increase to a new diet food. For example, if you normally feed your pet a diet of 3 and 1 / 2 cup buckets per day, you will only want to change the diet at levels of 1 / 4 cup each day. Just remember that if you eat your dog food twice a day, divide the amount in half at every meal.

Day 1 will give you the keys to eat your dog 3 and 1 / 4 cup of the original bucket and 1 / 4 cup of the new dog diet. This amount should be portioned between the number of meals during the day. Day 2 You will eat 3 cups of the original diet and 1 / 2 cup of the new diet. On day 14, the food your dog will have really changed.

This gradual process may seem slow at first, but do not worry, it's for the best. A dog food is not like human food. People vary their diet everyday. Sometimes we stir things from food to eat. Your dog food is best when it is consistent. Do not change brands or methods used to eat.

Once you find a dog food that works well to improve the health of your pet, it is best to stick with it. In fact, wait a few weeks, and over the moon, the new diet before assessing the results. This applies unless directed by your veterinarian. Some cases may arise when this is not a reasonable plan.

Your vet can best educate you on when and why to switch your dog food. Unless otherwise directed, proper method to change your dog's diet takes time. Gradual change will reduce the stress and change to your dog's system and digestive tract. Every time a diet is working well for your dog, it is best to leave your own dog food. Consistency is very helpful to keep your dog the highest health potential.


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