Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does Your Dog's Diet Need To Include Supplements?

A healthy and balanced is very important for a long and happy life with your pet. How do you know if you need a dog food supplement? What kind of supplements should you add to your dog food?

Most cases of dog food you do not need added. Assuming you feed your pet food formulated by a dog food company's reputation, your dog food is specially designed for a healthy balance to ensure excellent health for your pet.

Sometimes, some low-quality dog food will increase the need for additional supplements. Your veterinarian will probably recommend that you give your dog food a little encouragement. Consider your dog food complete with boiled eggs a few days per week. This simple step will add an extra amount of vitamins A and D to your dog food. Such as vitamins help maintain good bone structure and healthy eyes.

If you've decided to personalize your dog's diet by customizing raw foods, cooking at home for your pet, or just want to make sure your dog food at best, you will want to know about the benefits of other supplements. Your dog food can be supplemented with whole grains, green vegetables, and nuts. These items will increase the dog's intake of vitamin B. Another way to increase your dog's diet to increase the amount of vitamin B are beans, yeast, and liver. Your dog needs vitamin B in healthy, balanced diet to support healthy skin and muscle.

To prevent the immune system deficiencies, supplement your dog food with added vitamin E. Source of vitamin E can be found in wheat germ, bran, and vegetable oils.

Vitamin K may be other important nutrients in your dog food. Liver, fish, green vegetables, and seeds can provide vitamin K to your dog food. This vitamin will help to improve your dog's blood clotting ability.
Glucosamine can be a great supplement in your dog food. Glucosamine has been shown to improve the health of joints and prevent arthritis your pet.

Completing your dog food can be risky if not done correctly. You may think you are providing your pet excellent vitamins and low in calories by tossing your dog a few grapes or raisins. Some dogs have been known to die from kidney failure due to consuming such fruit. Always seek advice from a professional before completing your dog's diet in any way just in case.

Calcium supplements can be dangerous when used excessively in your dog food. Although calcium is good in moderation to form a strong, healthy bones, too much calcium can create trouble. Large breed dog is given too much calcium can grow bone, but these bones do not have the power they need.

Always talk to your vet about supplements you are considering. You can give advice on veterinary appropriate amount of each supplement to increase your dog's diet. Both you and the veterinarian care for your pet and want what is best for your dog. Provide a healthy and nutritious foods is one of the easiest ways to ensure good health for feathered friends.


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