Friday, January 1, 2010

Bearded Collie - Great For The Family

The Bearded Collie is a medium dog that weighs between 40-58 pounds. They are 20 "to 22" in height. Their abundant hair gives the impression that they are bigger than they really are. They have a happy, friendly nature and did not watch the dog in any way because they are friendly with everyone they encountered.

Recognized by the AKC, coat color is acceptable for the Bearded Collie is black, gray, brown, brown or yellowish brown with some white marks. When they are puppies, they may or may not have a white mark. When they mature, their coat color is either fade or change. The most common color is black and white or gray and white. Their long, hard, straight, hairy outer coat and short, soft, thick undercoat needs daily brushing to prevent tangles. Their nickname is the "beardie" because of the long, shaggy hair under his chin.

This energetic, loving, happy-go-lucky breed a family pet is very good. They are people dogs and love to be with their families. They are wonderful for homes with children and other dogs and can be done either with a non-pet dog if they have early socialization. They were very enthusiastic, outgoing, and life and require lots of exercise and play time. They need a yard to walk and wander. Have the toy in the hand is a good idea if you're going to go for a period of time. Initial training is recommended because they have a stubborn tendency at times. They are easy to train.

Dating back more than 500 years, Bearded Collie came from Scotland. They are considered descendants of the Polish sheepdog. They were bred to hear the sheep and cattle, thus explaining their collie's name which means herding dog in Scotland. They also have been used for tracking. They are still used as sheep herding dogs in some areas.

Friendly to family and strangers together, the Bearded Collie will greet everyone he met with enthusiasm. Because they require tremendous practice and play, their best actively with families who will give them activities that they need. Home with other dogs and children can feel confident in adding Bearded Collie for their families.


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