Sunday, December 27, 2009

Antibiotics? I Think Not

Have you noticed that doctors are now much more reluctant to give a prescription for antibiotics unless it proves that you are suffering from a bacterial infection? Well, I wish I could say better late than never, but in the case of antibiotics, we are very late.

Antibiotics have been called a modern miracle and they do save lives, at a time. The problem is that they have been so much overused and not only for bacterial infections, but for every thing a doctor does not know how to treat. In fact, even if the virus disease, we are routinely given a prescription for antibiotics so we will be happy to go home and feel as if a doctor to help us recover.

The truth is, we would have been much better than the people NOT get antibiotics for every illness that we encounter. Our immune system would have been much more helpful if we would stay home and rest, drink plenty of fluids, and enhance our immune system with natural herbal and homeopathic medicines, and whole food supplements.

The reason is, because antibiotics have been so widely used, superbugs have emerged that are vulnerable to leave us with no way UNLESS your immune system strong because you and your pet has been eating natural foods, using whole foods and natural supplements, and exercise, so Your body naturally protected.

By relying so much on antibiotics that will cure us all, together with steroids we've disrupted and our immune systems of our pets and leave them wide open and susceptible to these superbugs that keep coming all the time.

"Our society has conditioned a quick fix and band-aid medicines. We know from experience that this, often times, only to give temporary relief and can even produce a reflection effect symptoms or side effects are not desirable. Complimentary medicine, particularly homeopathy and Herbs, can play a huge role in the success of our husbandry. Homeopathy and Herbs in essence, a natural healing process, providing solutions to help patients to regain health by stimulating the body's natural powers of recovery.

The good news is there are alternatives we can use that will give us healthy, strong pets that can resist these superbugs. First, by using a homeopathic or holistic veterinarian, you can talk with them about what your choices to help keep their pets optimal health. Each animal is as different from each one of us. If you care for your pet as a whole, that is for the whole animal rather than wait to treat a particular disease, you're in front of the game.

By eating natural foods for your pet species, such as raw food diet for cats and dogs, and combines all the food supplements, prebiotics and probiotics, you do not need to concern ourselves about antibiotics and their harmful side effects.

Something that is happening is that superbugs are not only able to transmit from animals to humans, but I know it can only be transmitted from animals to Man, and this superbug is called MRSA. Although not as seen in the United States, it quickly became a problem in the UK. This is a superbug, bacterial infection that has been developed as a result of overusing antibiotics.

Body should have 80% friendly bacteria and about 20% bad bacteria in the digestive tract. After the use of antibiotics, the body will not have more than 20% 80% friendly bacteria and bad bacteria if not more.

Most illness, disease and problems begin in the digestive tract. Thus, antibiotics create the potential for serious illness to begin.

You may not give your pet antibiotics, but if you have ever eaten foods with preservatives, you have to give your pet what I call 'hidden antibiotics'. The task is to control bacterial preservatives and once your pet eats food with preservatives, it will eventually have an effect on the digestive tract too and kill the friendly bacteria.

You must expect it will take at least 1 year to recolonize the digestive tract with friendly bacteria after antibiotic use.

Recolonize digestive tract with friendly bacteria by using supplements and natural foods.

Now is the time to be proactive and change this. By not remaining apathetic, but by taking action in your life and the life of your pet, we can and will make a difference.

One more thing that gives us a lot of hope and one that has me jumping for joy are therapeutic grade essential oils. In 1985 Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, MD, conducts research using therapeutic grade essential oils Oregano and Cinnamon in testing their "antibiotic" like qualities. What he found was that not a single bacteria or virus can live in the presence of this oil!

That's the direction I have taken for themselves, family and pets and I hope you will consider doing the same thing.


Medifix said...

Interesting, some facts are right but there are some errors. You can't blame the doctors because patients also demand antibiotics. Doctors cannot clinically examine and differentiate bacterial from virus infections. Antibiotics were given by doctors to prevent secondary bacterial infections because people were awarded huge compensation by court accusing them of failing to treat.

Washing your dog, cat or pets using strong chemicals, alcohol, detergents and antiseptics also can increase super bug colonisation, so we are swamped. We cannot boost our immunity to protect ourselves from these bugs because the bugs have enzymes which kill white cells in less than five minutes.

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