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20 Most Common Dog Health Problems

Treating the root of the most common dog health problem is the only way to really cure them. Unfortunately, most dog owners and veterinarians are not focused on the proper combination of conventional and holistic treatments. Learn why this is important, health issues that apply and where to find specialized care for the 20 most common diseases.

Common dog health problems like weeds

If you have weeds in your yard or garden, how do you delete it? There are three ways, and the effectiveness of each method are directly related to how you handle your health problems dog :

Cutting the stems of wild grass with a dog like you just deal with symptoms (such as applying the cream for the rash). On the surface, the problem will disappear, but the underlying roots will eventually cause the weeds to grow back.

Spray them with weed killer
Weed spraying is like giving a dog a man-made drugs to fix the problem. Weeds do not like it and probably will die, but the killer weeds will also affect the surrounding healthy grass. And after all the sweeping grass killer, weeds may be returned.

Removing the grass and roots
This is the only sure way to completely get rid of weeds, such as pursuing root cause of a health problem completely is the only effective way to treat it.

So, how do you overcome the "root cause" of the dog's health problems?

Entering the right combination of holistic and conventional medicine to your dog's care.

Think about it ...

If you only treat your dog with the conventional method, you just deal with symptoms and not the cause of symptoms. Here are some examples of how conventional techniques only drugs and cope with symptoms and not the cause :

  • Warts. Cut them. They grow back.
  • Allergies. Give them a pill. The pills stopped, the allergy again.
  • Skin problems. Apply cream. The problem is gone, and months later returned.

Caring for your dog holistically addresses the root causes of problems. This gives your dog all the body's ability to fight health problems forever, not just one problem at a time when they arise. Caring for your dog this way include :

  • A different approach to vaccination
  • A healthy diet
  • Appropriate training
  • Natural treatment for acute problems (chemical composition of medicines that have not been modified by humans)
  • Natural treatment in concert with conventional treatments is a good time (sometimes the "best of both worlds" is the most effective)

The weakness of the holistic approach is that it requires patience. But your dog will thank for it!

Dog diseases usually do not develop overnight. While the physical manifestation of a problem (such as rash or warts) probably just "appeared" one day, the possibility that the problem has been brewing in your dog's system for some time.

Turning your dog diseases, the same amount of time may be needed. Your dog's immune system will learn how to fight the problem (and stay away) by themselves for the long term, and it usually does not happen soon.

In general, the longer the problem has been taken to develop, the longer time required to treat holistically.

Along the road from diarrhea to cancer, the 20 most common problems can all be treated more effectively through the right combination of holistic and conventional treatments, including (we'll share a link to the specific conditions for each at the bottom of the page) :

  • Allergies
  • Constipation
  • Cancer
  • Diarrhea
  • Ear problems
  • Epilepsy
  • Eye problems
  • Flatulent
  • Lice
  • Incontinence
  • Lice
  • Mange
  • Pink Eye
  • Skin
  • Ticks
  • Urination problems
  • Vomiting
  • Warts
  • Wormwood
  • Yeast infection

Symptoms Should Get Worse Before They Get Better

Interestingly, when you treat your dog holistically their symptoms actually appear to get a little worse before they get better. This is what you want! This means that your dog's body is dealing with the problem by itself.

And while the main symptoms may get slightly worse before getting better, usually you'll see the rest of your dog's health and mood began to improve immediately.

You will know the treatment works if you see symptoms your dog to do one of the following :

  • Stopped migrating to other parts of the body
  • Stay on the skin (or moved there) and out of the internal organs
  • Away from the head and vital organs and to the outside and the lower body extremities
  • Stop affects the mind, including mood swings or fatigue (in the wild, this allows the dog to maintain their survival instincts at its peak)

For example, if your dog's health problems impact the internal organs, prior to the holistic treatment you may not see any problem outside the body. After treatment, the body can encourage diseases of organs and their heads, so you may see a rash develop on their feet or to the rear of their bodies. This usually means that the body of your dog doing the right thing and being on the road to recovery.


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