Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nursing A Sick Dog

Nursing a sick dog is one of the important steps that dog owners must understand. Similarly, when the dog became ill, the dog requires care and more love-based activities by the dog owners. Nursing the sick animal is often considered as an art and should not be taken as a measure of causality.

Yes. You should be more careful when the dog became sick. For example, a dog sick with high fever should be given only a few large pieces of bread and non-vegetarian items can be avoided. Like a dog must be kept in a quiet place after the drug is taken and should not be disturbed. During feeding the dog who had taken the drug, the animal needs to persuade and caressed by the owner. Do not raise the dog's head too much to avoid passing the drugs given by mouth directly into the respiratory organs like the lungs. During the nursing measures, take care by giving warm fluids.

Security should be given more priority during the nursing activity in any dog. When the dog has severe diarrhea, the animal may start showing signs of dehydration. Therefore, treatment for dehydration include the addition of small doses of salt and glucose to water in a way that carefully.
Similarly, the dog vomited also requires appropriate treatment. Ice cubes can be given in such cases the egg whites with the smooth part of the esophagus.

Currently, non-contact based infrared thermometer has come on the market to obtain the temperature of animals without a lot of stress. Place the dog in the shade if the temperature is very high and provide good ventilation to the suffering of animals. If animals suffer hypothermia, provide warm blankets to give comfort to the animals.


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