Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Importance Of The Physical Examination

The importance of physical examination need not underestimated in the case of a dog. Simple but systematic physical examination techniques may diagnose most of the disorders in dogs and therefore, without physical examination the dog, one should not resort to find out your dog's health status.

Just watched the dog with scratching. Catch the dog and simply separate the hair material from the site itching. To the surprise you may find a large wound in the scratched site. The wound may be the main reason for the dog scratches at the site. However, we must rule out the occurrence of severe itching wound by itself.

Often times, when the dog scratched physical examination, one can find a lot of fleas or lice infestation problems in the skin and coat. Parasitic conditions may not be diagnosed at all if it does not do a physical examination. Likewise, dogs can reveal signs of pain during a physical examination performed by deep palpation techniques. Dogs showing signs of pain when the dog examined at the stomach or the back of the area.

Even if possible that by pressure based on palpation, one can detect acute renal disease in the affected dogs turned into the site to check the kidney or in the rear. Dogs affected by the Cystitis with severe urinary retention is often diagnosed by physical examination alone.

The bladder is filled with signs of pain during examination of the bladder in place shows that the animal affected by Cystitis. Cardiac auscultation on both right and left side helps to remove the abnormal heart sounds and lung area based auscultation reveals respiratory system disorders such as pneumonia.


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