Monday, November 2, 2009

Caring for and Raising Puppies

Raising puppies is an exciting and rewarding. It is also an experience wrought with frustration if some guidelines are not met or if certain aspects of the law are neglected. There are some things you can do for the puppies and their mother to help their first days, weeks and months together healthy and happy.

The mother dog will spend the first days after the birth of her little new. It is important to monitor the mother and pups to ensure that the pups are kept warm and well fed and make sure mom is producing enough milk and is comfortable.

If the mother leaves the puppies it will be very important to their temperature closely. It is necessary that the pups be kept warm and their area must be kept at a temperature of ninety degrees Fahrenheit for the first four days of their young lives. The temperature can then be gradually reduced. Remember that a large litter will still be kept warm, but the body heat of the pups' will help to keep warm as they shake.

The mother is very protective of her puppies in May and signs of anxiety when people come in puppies. Certains dogs and puppies will move up the place in an effort to hide from predators. It is an instinctive behavior. Keeping the mother and her boy in a closed box in May to combat this problem darkness facilitate the spirit of the mother and her feeling that she is an ideal location for protecting her babies have found.

During the first months the puppies' needs little need for the owner to do many things for them. They are supported only by the mother during this period. The role of the owner should monitor the progress of the pups and growth monitoring. The puppies should double their weight in about one weeks. After two weeks old puppies to be vigilant and try to stand on their own land. Since they all have one months calves can walk, run and play. Now the fun begins!

In about four and a half weeks, the pups to eat solid food. One way to train them here is to start feeding a mixture of canned or dry dog food mixed with a little water or milt to soften it to. The pups will lap this up as they drink, but food will at the same time. Day after day, the amount of liquid used should be reduced until eventually the little canned or dried food on his own.

One activity that the new mother will engage in will sometimes alarm dog owners. In an attempt to teach her pups how to urinate and defecate, mother of May hindquarters licking of pups. This stimulation will they "go." The mother often eat feces of a pup. It requires both pups zone "to clean and the smell of puppy's droppings" that could alert predators in the wild to remove. The pups will sometimes mimic this behavior and eat each other's excrement for a short period. Most puppies will stop this behavior as they are weaned.


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