Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Importance of the Dog’s Anal Gland

In the movie The Fisher King there is a pretty funny scene where the character of Robin Williams is the scooter on the ground by digging his heels in and dragging his bare bottom on the lawn. In a jubilant voice he shouted: "Do you know why dogs do that?" It is really impressive! "

In fact, this is not the only reason. Dogs will exhibit this behavior if the anus or are a part of the rear itching, but this could be a sign of anal gland effects, which can be a problem for some dogs.

The anal glands are on both sides of the anus of a dog and is in nature, serve as a method of marking the territory of the dog. If a dog defecates the glands are compressed and naturally secrete a fluid, dark, stinking with the stool. If the pockets are empty, they were normal when the animal has a bowel movement.

Sometimes, for various reasons, the anal sacs dog can be blocked. If this is the case can develop a number of problems. Some are like a bad smell benign but can cause serious problems such as diarrhea and infections. In order to intervene before a blocked anal gland is a problem that needs to be expressed in the glands.

Expression of anal glands is a simple medical technique that can be done at home or by a veterinarian. Some people prefer to allow the veterinarian to take over this task, because they think it is a duty, unattractive. To save the cost of a vet, but it is perfectly acceptable to express yourself, the anal glands.

Expressing the anal glands dog

Expression of anal glands is a simple matter. You want to keep the tail and pull gently to the dog's head. On the other hand, a cloth or paper towel and place your thumb on the left side of the left gland, and the index finger on the right side of the right gland. Press firmly but not violently, and the glands are emptying a brown or yellowish liquid on the cloth or towel. Glands affected are not so easy to empty and may require internal drainage technique. You can use the technology inside the house so well, but you will be surgical gloves and a tube of KY Jelly have.

Internal anal gland expression requires that the pockets on each side of the anus can individually, and will require that you place your thumb on one side of the gland and index finger in the butt of the dog, print, and express the gland. Gland will be affected, more difficult to escape and the liquid can be thick and pasty with a bad smell and dark brown, gray or black.

Infected anal glands can cause a discharge of pus and bleeding can be a sign of a more serious problem. Contacted the infection must be combated with antibiotics, when should a veterinarian immediately if the dog seems to have an infection.


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