Friday, February 26, 2010

Belgian Tervuren - An Energetic Worker

One of four Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervuren is often mistaken for German Shepherds because they are very similar to each other in size, coat and color. It is pronounced Ter-VER-en. Belgian Tervuren is recognized as a breed by the AKC, but many countries consider all four Belgian Sheepdogs become one of the breed although there are obvious differences in everything from coat color to size.

Also known as "Terv" by the owner, is named after the Belgian village of Tervuren Belgian Tervuren. They were traditionally used as cattle and sheep herding dogs. They have also been used as a police dog and narcotics detection, bomb detection, search and rescue and as therapy dogs. While two of the Belgian Sheepdogs are still used as working dogs, Belgian Tervuren and Belgian Groenendael they appear more as a companion dog today.

They are medium to medium large breed. They weigh between 45-75 pounds and is anywhere from 22 "to 27" in height. They are energetic, powerful breed who enjoy sports and play. Because of high energy and size, they are not ideal apartment dogs, but perfect for families with large yards or those who have access to the garden or fields where they can walk.

Their coat color is recognized by the AKC in the colors or deer mahogany base with black tips, mask and ears. A small number of white on nose, chest and chin allowed. Long, straight, thick and coarse outer coat and soft, dense undercoat needs daily care to prevent mats and knots. They shed all year long, but usually mild shedding.

As a guard dog or family dog, Belgian Tervuren is a protective, loyal and very intelligent. They are energetic dogs who need lots of exercise and activities if they work in agriculture or stored primarily as a companion dog. They need to be socialized and trained from an early age. Previously they were introduced to the children, dogs and other pets, the better they will do. They may be dominant over other dogs. It is important to research the history of Belgian Tervuren before making a purchase to ensure that no aggression was found in their lineage. Belgian Tervuren give so much to do and they'll be happy. A Belgian Tervuren bored can be a bit destructive because they will find ways to fill their time.

If you are looking for energetic family dog will enjoy activities and play outside, then the Belgian Tervuren breed is perfect for you. They will match your steps in running or walking. They will protect you and your home and make awesome supervisor. If you are looking for a farm dog and family companion all rolled into one, one Belgian Sheepdogs Belgian Tervuren included will be ideal for you.


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